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Teams create success

Quite rightly, most organisations spend large amounts of time and money, in making sure they select the best and retain the most talented people. Often organisations do the selecting reasonably well but find it hard to retain the talent.

There are likely to be a number of reasons for this, however one reason might be that individuals very rarely succeed on their own. In fact a persons success may only be realised whilst working within an outstanding team, and teams can only be successful if they operate within healthy cultures.

More often than not teams do not realise their potential, so in turn these outstanding individuals become frustrated and as a consequence may look to leave the organisation.

At Kaizam we firstly help organisations to benchmark their teams effectiveness against other teams operating a similar function, and being challenged within similar boundaries within the marketplace. The data can then be used to create a development plan that will enable an organisation to move towards outstanding team performance.

Our Leadership and Team Development Programme has 6 core modules with additional components.


What we look to measure

Team Inputs

  • Team Design
    Interdependence, Feedback, Autonomy, Team relevance, Complete task

  • Team Effort and Skills
    Team member motivation, Appropriateness of skills, Team potency

  • Organisational Support
    Climate for team working, Information and communication
  • Resources

Processes – Team

  • Objectives
    Clarity, Agreement about objectives, Commitment to objectives

  • Reflexivity
    Reflection on performance

  • Participation
    Trust, safety and support, Decision making, Communication, Regular meetings
  • Task Focus
  • Customer focus, Constructive debate about task performance, Concern with quality, Error management

  • Team Conflict
    Task related conflict, Interpersonal conflict

  • Creativity and Innovation
    Practical support for new products and services, Climate for creativity and innovation

Processes – Leadership

  • Leading
  • Acquire resources, Sets direction, Recognition and reward

  • Managing
    Guides team towards effective processes, Monitors performance, Encourages inter team working, Recognition and reward, Gives helpful feedback

  • Coaching
    Encourages learning from error, Availability, Concern for individual members, Encouragement and support

Team Outputs

  • Team Member Satisfaction
    ….. With recognition for contribution, …..with responsibility, ….. With team member support, ….. With team openness, ….. With influence over decisions, ….. With how conflicts are resolved

  • Attachment
    Attachment to team and its mentors

  • Team Effectiveness
    Managerial Praise, Goal achievement
  • Inner Team Relationships
    Lack of conflict with other teams, Co-operation with other teams

  • Team Innovation
    Development of new products, services, ways of working


  Once we have analysed your development needs there are a number of tools that we can utilise to make your teams great and perform highly:    
Neuro linguistic programming, Firo, Neo 4, SDI, Personality poker, Reversal theory, Guided facilitation, Appreciative inquiry




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