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“Talent doesn’t flourish all alone. It flourishes in the right culture  and through inspired   teams” - Gareth Jones   –  Fellow  at  the   centre  for   Management Development at the London Business School 2006

“An analysis of the combined results of a 131 studies of organisational change found that interventions with the  largest  effects upon  financial  performance were team development interventions or the creation of autonomous work groups”
             Macy and Izumi 1993


Our Leadership and Team Development Programme has 6 core modules with additional components.

Modules 1,2 &3        


Theme – NLP, Motivation and Leadership
• Developing Leadership flexibility
• Managing ones own state for high performance
• Communicating effectively with NLP
• Developing a motivation strategy for high levels of performance

This module will incorporate a psychometric ‘The Learning Styles Profiler’ which measures and assists in a Leaders ability to help the organisation to learn. It measures the following:
• Sensation seeking, Goal orientated achiever, Emotionally intelligent achiever, Conscientious achiever, Deep learning achiever.

“The most successful corporations will be something called a learning organisation. The organisations that excel will be those that discover how to tap their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at every level in the company” - Fortune magazine.
• NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner programmes are available

Module 4        


Theme – Creating a culture of success
• Using Reversal theory to develop a high performing culture
This module will include a psychometric ‘The AMSP’, which helps an organisation to define the right motivational states for cultural success. It will measure the following:
Serious and playful states – Our intention
Conforming and Rebelliousness – Our need for inclusion
Mastery and Sympathy – Our interaction
Self and other – Our identification

“30-40% of an organisations success is due to it’s climate. A Leader is 70% responsible for shaping that climate – Stephen Carter MD of Apter International.
“High levels of extraordinary organisational performance is achieved by teams operating not in the serious state but being in the playful state”

• Also available is a 360 degree feedback on Leadership performance using Reversal theory

Module 5        


Theme – Developing high performance teams through Firo elements
• Using Firo elements B, F and S to develop extraordinary team success
This module will incorporate several psychometrics related to FIRO. FIRO B measures our need for Inclusion, Control and Openness

“Self awareness is the most important emotional competency required in the creation of a successful career. So vital is an awareness of the self that the manager who is unaware of his or her blind spots or how they impact others are likely to become walking disaster in the workplace, a leader who may lead the troops over the edge” Koonce 1996

Module 6        


Theme – Developing strategic Leadership through Spiral Dynamics and the Leadership Development Profile
• These two tools will help to develop and identify your leaders problem solving skills. The Leadership development framework explores a manager’s action – logics (which may be a greater indicator of success than IQ and EQ). Action Logic is how the person reacts to the world around them and how they view challenges and threats.

“Higher levels of action logics are strongly correlated with successful Organisational change”

• Prior to the programme we can measure your team performance.
• After the programme we can support it’s success through Coaching and Mentoring






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