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‘Thanks for all the training last year - It was the best course I have done in my 5 years at BUPA.’ Charlotte Mulvenna, Operations Manager.

Kaizam achieved exactly what they said they would do. Our customers experience of our service is so much better… Productivity in our centre has increased by at least 15%. Paul Baker – New Business Manager, Initial City Link.

'well I can honestly say I have never quite seen such a transformation in morale in a team in 2 days ever' - Hr director, Global organisation.

A really excellent day. Lots to think about and very functional. Excellent trainer who is very enthusiastic about the subject which rubbed off on the delegates.
Health Care Manager – Hillingdon PCT


How good are your teams?

Are they providing your company with a source of competitive advantage?

We can measure your team’s effectiveness by comparing your team to teams of a similar size and function.

Click on this link to see what we will measure.

Are your informal networks making your organisation great?

Magus networker can measure the effectiveness of your informal networks

Developing Teams and Creating Innovation

Let us facilitate your teams to high levels of performance through our full development package. Click here to find out how we achieve this.

Competency Development

We can save you time and money by supporting you in developing a tailored and highly functional competency framework.

We can also ensure you stay legal in developing that framework.
Once the framework has been designed we can also assist you in:

• Interviewing
• Assessment Centres
• Psychometrics
• 360 degree feedback
• Succession Planning
• Performance Management
Contact us
to find out more

Developing Talent

Is your company fully developing the talent of it’s people?
Click on this link to download a talent report.

Leadership Development

Is your company selecting and developing the best Leaders in your marketplace? Click here for Leaders of the future and to download articles on ‘action logics.’

Leadership Dysfunctions

Are you identifying those personality traits that could prevent your Leaders from being truly outstanding? Did you know these traits could prevent your teams from achieving their fullest potential? We can help you to measure these dysfunctional traits.
Click here to view Leadership dysfunction’s.

High Performance Coaching

Once we have identified these traits we can help coach your leaders/team members to high levels of performance.
Click here to find out more about ‘Clean language.’

Learning Organisation

Is your company creating lots of new ideas?
Does your company create and innovate because your people are great learners.  Did you know that there is a link between being a good learner and high performance? We can measure your peoples learning capacity and create an individual learning development plan. Click on this link to see a copy of a completed Learning profile.

Develop your Sales

How effective are your Sales People? We can measure their Sales development potential.

 Join theachieversedge for lots of useful tips on Sales, Marketing and Personal

“Great leaders get to the truth. All their enquiries are about ‘trying to understand’, not to attach blame. They encourage diversity, confrontation and independent thinking” - Jim Collins Author of ‘Good to Great’

“Studies show the way in which people are managed affects their health, stress levels and job satisfaction. Managers who are praise and reward orientated, as opposed to fault finding and negative are likely to create healthier work environments” –
Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology at
Lancaster University

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